2017 Resolutions

This is such a predictable first blog post but I feel like if I write these down somewhere public, I’ll most likely stick to them. So here are my resolutions for this year:

  1. Find a new hobby and stick to it. Hopefully this blog! I need something productive to do when I’m not working; this seemed like a good choice! 
  2. Love myself. For one reason or another (which I may or may not delve into) I spent too long relying on other people for my own happiness and validation. This year it is down to me and me alone. 
  3. Be more healthy. Again, predictable, but a healthy body = healthy mind in my opinion! I’ve been eating like a pig over Christmas, not working out or drinking water and now I’m ill and burnt out. Coincidence?! 
  4. Work hard at my degree. I wasn’t the best at school, but at uni I’ve really came into my own and I am determined to graduate this year with a good grade. 
  5. Be happy. I don’t think much else needs to be said here – I just need more positivity. A negative mind will never lead a positive life. 

Most likely by March half of these will be out the window, but I really want to make this year my best. I have so much freedom now to do what I want and really do things for ME. So hopefully this year will go as planned. Fingers crossed x


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