Top 5 Christmas presents!

I thought I’d give you all an insight into me and my interests, so what better way than to show you my top 5 Christmas presents?! I didn’t ask for anything this Christmas so I was really surprised with what I got and felt very lucky. I must have done something right this year, haha! Although I was grateful for everything I received, I obviously have my favourites (as anybody would) and hopefully you’ll see why. I’ve included links in each one as well if you wanted to buy them for yourselves too!

So without further ado, here are my top 5:

Top left: A salmon Michael Kors purse/phone case. I LOVE Michael Kors. Always have, always will. I know a lot of people will say that it’s overpriced but I honestly think the quality is amazing and I love the feel of the material. The vibrancy of the colours are also fab and well worth the money. I have a midnight blue bag so I think this will compliment it really well. It also holds my phone which is so handy! I couldn’t find the exact product on the website but I did find one extremely similar here.

Top right: Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I was completely blown away that I got this. It is very pricey but so beautiful and I can’t wait to create some makeup looks with it. I vaguely remember looking at it with my dad in Debenham’s so I’m convinced that must be where the idea came from…or it was Santa’s elves. Alternatively you can get it from the Urban Decay website.


Bottom right: Michael Kors perfume in ‘Sexy Amber’. Despite the name, this perfume smells quite fresh and has amber and sandalwood in, which I love. The perfume came in a duo and the bottles are quite small – I’d say around 50ml each, so perfect to pop in your bag during the day. Michael Kors has it on the website in different ml/oz here.

Centre bottom: The Very Best of the Stone Roses CD. I’ve recently gotten into the Stone Roses (after blasting their songs from Youtube constantly) so I wasn’t surprised that I would be treated to the best of! You can buy it here. I also love CDs and I don’t think that’ll ever fade. Although I do welcome iTunes and Spotify etc, I’ve always loved having a physical version and flipping through the little lyrics leaflet in the front. Who’s with me?

Bottom left: Dazzling Daisy Pandora ring. This ring is so detailed you can’t really see from the photo, but I’ll add a link here so you can see it properly on the website. I’m in love with this ring, especially with the cubic zirconia daisies, but I’m kind of scared to wear it because I don’t want to scratch it. I know, call me crazy.

So that’s my top 5. Hopefully you got an idea of the type of person I am and my personality and want to stick around for more. What did you get for Christmas?


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