Where have I been? + new instagram

Hello my loves!!!

Long time no speak. Typical me making a post about coming back to blogging then disappearing for 4 months…but this summer has been crazy. Here’s a run down:


Hell yeah I did. Little old me graduated from university. It’s craaaazy to think that I managed to survive 3 years of uni and make it to my graduation alive…but I did. I’ve honestly never been prouder of myself and it was such a great day. It was so nice to be together with all my uni friends for the last time and celebrate our successes. The day time celebrations were much classier than the night may I add…



I went on holiday with my family to Tenerife and then Disneyland Paris. They were honestly such lovely holidays and definitely what I needed after working non stop for 3 years. I’ve never been to Tenerife before but I had the best time. It’s the perfect holiday if you want to relax and go on adventures. In between relaxing on the beach we went on a dolphin boat trip and climbed Mount Tiede (which is actually an active volcano aka I panicked non stop all the way). I was genuinely so sad to come home!


Disneyland has always been one of my favourite places on earth and it was amazing as always. I really like Star Wars too so it was quite cool how there were Star Wars merch etc in the stores, however I’m still not convinced about Marvel! We went on Thunder Mountain about 50 times because we’re Disney pros (lol) and managed to coordinate Fast Passes and jump the queues. Which is an actual thing – we weren’t cheating! At the end of the holiday I still didn’t feel like I’d spent enough time there. I could live in Disneyland if I could I swear.

Let me know if you went on any amazing holidays this year!


This is where it gets a bit sad and existential. I had a bit of a crisis because I hadn’t researched Masters courses and thought I’d want a year out from studying, which is the case now, but over summer/September I’d hit a wall. I was convinced I should have been more organised and had something planned. Without getting too deep, I felt really down about the fact I literally had no plans and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was honestly all over the place and couldn’t settle. I struggle with anxiety anyway and combining this with an existential crisis = MELTDOWN. Every day I’d wake up and literally spend all day on my laptop researching Masters, jobs, placements, short courses, anything. I was a woman possessed! Thankfully now it’s calmed down a bit and I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I managed to secure myself into a placement alongside my part time job and having this schedule and routine has really helped me calm down a bit. To some people this may sound utterly ridiculous but hopefully others who struggle with being occasionally panicky might be able to relate. In the end it all works out and I’m back here now, blogging.


Yes that’s right folks. I have an instagram. It’s kind of separate to my blog for now whilst I find my feet, but I’ll still link it on here. Feel free to follow! For now it’s kind of a mix of photos I’ve taken that are pretty but I’m slowly going to try and integrate blog posts etc. You can find me on @louxloves but I’ll put it in my social media links anyway.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 18.30.45

I hope you’ve all had a lovely few months and it’s so good to be back. Hope you’re all well and I’ll see you soon ❤



3 thoughts on “Where have I been? + new instagram

  1. I literally feel your pain! I’m a psychology student as well but I’m just finishing my last year and before Christmas had a partial breakdown about my life haha. Worries me so much what I’m going to do. Girl you are not alone. Looks like you’ve had a great year though Xx


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