London Calling! Top places to visit and more…

Last week it was my boyfriend’s birthday so we decided to go to London for a long weekend! I haven’t been to London in ages and it’s one of my favourite cities so it was really exciting. We packed so much into the few days so by the time it got to the train home I was literally DEAD. As we’d both visited London before, we went to a couple of places that were quite unconventional (apart from Winter Wonderland and Camden Market but who wouldn’t??), so I thought I’d pop them all down here to give you any ideas if you ever wanted to visit the Big Smoke!


Inamo restaurant

This is an Asian tapas restaurant and is so cool. We visited the one in Soho but you can also go to Camden or Covent Garden for your fix! The basic idea is that you order from the interactive touchscreen tables in front of you. You can also view a live feed into the kitchen, catch a taxi ride home, play games, or even choose your own tablecloth. This was really fun and added a bit of excitement to a usual evening meal. I didn’t manage to get a photo of the table itself (I know…bad blogger over here…) but if you go on their website or even #inamo on Instagram you’re bound to find some!

Kerb Camden Market

I’ve been to Camden Market basically every time I’ve visited London but never actually been in Kerb – and there’s actually Kerb markets all over London! We mainly went here because my boyfriend really wanted to try a burger from The Patate, who specialise in boeuf bourguignon cheeseburgers. Personally anything that involved beef burgers and lots of cheese isn’t for me but it did look so good. And the fact you could literally pick your own cheese to go in your burger = perf for cheese lovers. I got a lime and basil chicken burger from next door at Ghetto Grillz…genuinely the best burger I’ve ever had.

Winter Wonderland

One of the most tourist-y spots but it had to be done. I’ve never been before and as we went on a Monday it was so quiet. The only thing I would say is that although it’s free to get in, the rides, drinks and attractions cost a BOMB so be prepared to pay up when you’re inside. We went on one ride and it cost us £18 and nearly my breakfast as it was a rollercoaster with 5 loops…haha! The ice bar was really nice and although this was £14 each it did include a cocktail of your choice and basically an unlimited stay inside which was nice. There’s so many things to see and do and the markets are really cute, so I’d definitely recommend going even just for a look around.

A comedy show…on a boat

Yep you heard that right. On the Saturday night we went to a comedy club on the Tattersall Castle, which is a boat permanently docked (moored? attached?) to the embankment that faces the London Eye. This was such an amazing experience and was a

n unreal night. We got to see 4 comedians and had full access to the bar/nightclub afterwards. We also managed to grab a seat in the bar with this amazing view.

If you’re visiting London I’d definitely recommend going here – they do shows during the week and at the weekend. It’s so cheap for what you get and a great night.

Of course these are just a few of the things we got up to but if I went into a full detailed itinerary I’m sure you’d all be bored…so I tried to pick out the best bits for you all. But if you’d like to know more feel free to drop me a comment or message and I’ll delve deeper into our adventures!

Have a lovely weekend.


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