New York, New York

So this is the post I can’t believe I’m writing….I WENT TO NEW YORK!! It has literally been my dream since birth to come to this place. And no mum it doesn’t count when I was 3 and can’t remember it.

Me and my boyfriend made this dream a reality when we booked the The Killers in Brooklyn (I know, priorities…) and decided to book a holiday around it! We crammed so much into the 4 days that we were there, doing all the touristy things from Staten Island to Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

I had the BEST time and rather than blabbing on too much as usual, it’s probably just best I zip it and show you some photos.

Oh just some photos from the top of the Rockefeller centre….no big deal you know. I swear seeing the skyline like this was like an out of body experience and it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Brooklyn was actually such a nice place to visit and I’d definitely recommend it if you ever make a trip to New York. It’s a lot quieter than Manhattan and filled with a lot more locals so it has a nice homely vibe. Unlike New York City where it is literally crammed with tourists.

The Killers were amazing as always and we managed to get front row which is a big deal when you’re mega fans like us. I mean look how close we were to Brandon. SWOOOOON!!

And finally I’ll end on Times Square, which isn’t actually a square which confused the life out of me. 3/4 of the whole world’s light pollution is probably produced but this place but look how pretty! The post holiday blues from here was sooo bad and I’m still not recovered.

Let me know if you’ve been on any amazing holidays and what you’d recommend!

Have a lovely day x


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