Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Review!

When Fenty Beauty hit the UK market in Harvey Nichols it posed two problems for me; 1 – I live too far away from the nearest store and 2 – I couldn’t justify the money at the time. HOWEVER when I visited Sephora in New York, and just happened to have a spare $60 on the last day….you know I had to splurge. One of the products I settled on was the Pro Filtr foundation. I’ve heard great things about this product, and even though foundation doesn’t really excite me as much as buying a bright sparkly eyeshadow palette does, I’d heard too many reviews to pass up from getting it. I got colour matched at Sephora and my colour is 200, for anyone that is wondering. Now let’s get into the review…

Firstly, the packaging was amazingly sleek and classy, as were most of RiRi’s collection. The magnetic products really excited me too but sadly I had ran out of money :(. When I first pumped it onto my hand it didn’t really strike me like omg this is the best foundation and definitely lives up to its reputation as it was quite liquidy (totally not a word) which I didn’t expect. It’s a similar consistency to Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation if you’ve ever tried that. Saying that, one thing I did love about it was that a little goes a long way. I only needed two pumps to cover my whole face which is great. I was about to say “great for the price” but at $34 a bottle you can’t really complain considering they could have charged a lot more. Another thing I absolutely loved that it literally does do what it says on the tin (or sleek glass bottle if we’re going that far) – it is lightweight and matte. I hardly noticed it was on my face and didn’t feel like it was massively clogging my pores like other foundations I’ve tried.

I decided to wear the foundation through a whole shift at work to see how it lasted. Usually when I get home I’m a sweaty mess and half of my makeup has slid off (nice) leaving my red spotty complexion to radiate through. This foundation was different though. I got home, and there it still was. Still flawless. To me, this is the test that matters most. You can have the best foundation in the world that applies like velvet but if it only lasts four hours max, BYE.

I have to say I was honestly really impressed by this foundation. It wasn’t hugely inspiring like some of the over-the-top reviews I’ve seen, but definitely one of the best foundations I’ve tried. For the low price and long wear factor, I’d consider rebuying. I’d 100% recommend this product to anyone wanting to try it because it literally does everything it claims to, which is encouraging and definitely something I value in a brand.

Have you tried any other Fenty Beauty products?
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9 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Review!

    1. Hi! I didn’t notice the oxidisation as much and to be honest I think when I got colour matched she went for a slightly cooler/lighter tone than I am anyway. But no I didn’t notice anything – but it’s interesting that other people have! X

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