Keep Calm with Neal’s Yard Remedies

Way back when I was majorly stressed out with my final year of uni exams, I happened to stroll past Neal’s Yard Remedies in town and was drawn in by lavender being pumped out of a weird water vapour machine (I now know what this is and will discuss it later, but at the time I was confused).

I got chatting to the lovely woman behind the counter and ended up buying one of their Remedies to Roll – the Study version. Advertised to “encourage concentration” and “increase mental clarity” I was like heck, if this can’t help me nothing will. It honestly did help me and although some may argue it’s a placebo effect, the smell of orange and rosemary was enough to kick my arse into gear and get the revision done. Some may say I was an idiot using aromatherapy to get through the exams but I came out of uni with a strong 2:1 so who’s the winner here eh.

Sometimes I struggle to get to sleep and wake up a few times during the night, and since I knew Neal’s Yard produced other roll ons, I decided to buy the Night Time one. This was such a good purchase and I thank them every day for producing this sleep-like-a-log baby in a bottle. As with all their Remedies to Roll, you roll it over your pulse points and it gets to work. With this one I concentrate mainly over my temples because the rose and chamomile scents are just soooo relaxing. Again, maybe it is just placebo, but aromatherapy has been used for years and years so there has got to be some credibility to it.

As my obsession with Neal’s Yard slowly but surely started getting worse and worse, my Christmas list was obviously going consist of the mother of all aromatherapy – an aromatherapy diffuser (weird water vapour machine). I got the Oska Diffuser and it has changed my life. My parents bought the Calming oil blend to begin with and it’s so nice to pop in the diffuser before bed time to help me settle down. When I’m feeling really anxious I also like to set it off and it does genuinely calm me down and help me breathe a bit better. Which sounds ridiculous but if you get bouts of anxiety, you’ll know what I mean. The diffuser itself is also really sleek and looks so good on my bedside table. It doubles as a little night light as well and comes with an app so you can change the settings without even having to move! A big plus from this lazy one over here!

I honestly love Neal’s Yard Remedies now and I’m excited to buy new oils and blends to experiment with. Aromatherapy oils have always been around but I never knew I needed them so much until now. If you struggle with sleeping or anxiety I highly recommend getting a couple of oils to start off with or if you’re feeling up for it – go the whole way and get a diffuser! I can’t see my life without one now.

Do you guys use any oils? What blends do you recommend?

Keep me posted! x


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