Rebranding/New Identity

Hey guys!

So as you may have noticed, my blog/insta/twitter have gone through a few changes. I’ve completed changed the name, given my blog a new look and a bit of a new identity. I felt that “Louise Loves” was a name I just kind of settled on and didn’t give my instagram or blog the kind of identity or branding I wanted to be unique to me. Especially as Louise isn’t even my first name! I didn’t feel like the name gave any idea of what my blog was about, and since I’m so passionate about beauty products and reviews, I wanted my new name to reflect that.

Saying that, drum roll please……my new name is “Beauty Talks with Meg”. I mean, well duh, as you’ve probably seen it about 10 times before reading this post. But still – give me credit for the drum roll. This name better reflects what my blog is about, what I’m about, my name, and what I do – literally talk about all things beauty. I’ve also spent some time working on a logo and a header etc to make everything more ~professional~.

I’m hoping this new name fits me better and I’m excited for this next chapter in the blogging world! What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading!

Meg x


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