Copenhagen Surprise!

For my birthday my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a 3 day trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. I was SO excited as I’ve never really visited the north of Europe before, and as it was only a 90 minute flight, it was perfect for me! (I hate flying!). As with my London and New York posts, I thought I’d write a bit about my trip and recommend some amazing places that we visited because DAMN that city is unreal.

First up, you have to visit the Little Mermaid statue, or “Den lille havfrue” in Danish. This was the main reason we came, because the Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie ever and I’ve always wanted to see the statue (even though I didn’t know which country it was in….#fakefan). Seeing it in person was surreal and we got lucky in that the sea had all frozen over so we were able to get right up to the statue, which was absolutely gorgeous.

Secondly, the food over there is DELICIOUS. I’ve never been a huge foodie but experiencing the restaurants and cafes they had to offer made me feel as though I was dining like a queen. We experienced the best steak I’ve ever tasted at Köd, hand made mozzarella pizzas at Baest, a personalised healthy breakfast at Mad & Kaffe….I could go on and on.

You also can’t forget the bars either. We visited Brus, a really nice brewery in the less touristy end of Copenhagen (more for my boyfriend than me), where he tried about 6 different craft beers and I sat sipping many yuzu G&Ts all night. If you like craft ales and trying local beers then this place is definitely for you. Unfortunately beer/ales/lager make me gag but my cocktails were enough to keep me happy! There were so many little cocktail bars dotted around the city and I wish I had time to try them all but by day 2 my body was 90% alcohol so it’s probably best we didn’t.

The shopping is great in Copenhagen too. They have one street that stretches all the way from the central station to Nyhavn, which is the famous harbour with the multicoloured buildings. They have everything from Zara to Gucci to H&M. Me and my boyfriend went into Louis Vuitton for a laugh which was an experience but still, it’s nice to pretend you’re rich and drop £5000 on a bag. A girl can dream!!

So I’ll round off the post by saying Copenhagen is such a lovely city and I would recommend it to anyone. We were able to get from one side to the other in 40 minutes, which is great if you hate public transport, and there was so much to see on the way. I loved the Danish lifestyle as it was just unbelievably relaxed and laid back. Everywhere was quiet and people were so friendly if you needed any help. Nothing like New York or London! The Danish are praised for this way of life and there’s loads of books available on “hygge”, which sounds like something I really need to take on in my life! I would 100% visit again and I’m so grateful to my boyfriend for surprising me with the trip. I feel so lucky to have experienced such a nice city break and really make the most out of life, which is what I’m really striving to do this year.

If you want any more advice or any more recommendations, feel free to comment or drop me a message on my insta. Hope you enjoyed reading!



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