March Birchbox Review!


Daaaaaaamn Meg, back at it again with another Birchbox review!

I know it’s predictable but seriously, this has now became a monthly thing and tbh I’m kind of liking it. Carry on reading for the reviews!

1. Blaq Face Mask

I was so excited to try this until I realised it was one of those deep pore blackhead face masks that you have to literally rip off your skin. As I’ve said on Twitter, I have the pain threshold of a candlestick (whatever that means) so was NOT looking forward to this. Fortunately, or unfortunately for the standard of the product, it was very painfree to take off and didn’t seem to touch my pores at all. My skin didn’t look any different afterwards and I was so disappointed! Kind of wish I’d opted for the eye masks instead.

2. Benefit BadGal BANG! mascara

I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews about this mascara, and I apologise but this is going to be one of them. The applicator is fun and bendy which is good for initially hugging your lashes, but then it kind of all goes downhill from there. My lashes really clumped together, meaning I had to use a weird eyebrow comb thing (you know the plastic one) to separate them out. But then it looked like I had weird lashes with personal space issues which isn’t great either. I mean, they didn’t look too bad, but in comparison to other mascaras, it’s not the best. The mascara did last really well throughout the day though, and didn’t come off onto my eyelids onto my eyes. It’s alright but not necessarily life changing.

3. Gommage Festin Royal body scrub

When I first got this in my box I thought it was some kind of chutney, but once I read the label I found it was a honey body scrub which is right up my street! Anyway, I read the instructions and I was a bit surprised. I know how to use a body scrub but I get pedantic about the sweeping or circular motions (if you know you know). They said use the scrub ONCE a week. And if you’re anything like me who scrubs and moisturises their body like a mothereffer, I was like wtf. But then I actually used it and found out why lol. It’s a REALLY good scrub. It’s not massively abrasive but it’s enough to leave you with nice soft elbows and shins. Again, it didn’t rip a layer off my skin but I can totally understand why using it every time you shower can be a bit much. I was so happy with this scrub, especially as its 97% natural ingredients so I know it’s good for my body. Will definitely be purchasing a full size one!

4. R + Co Badlands Shampoo Paste

Again this was another weird one. It’s a dry shampoo PASTE made out of volcanic ash. Another wtf moment. When I first put it onto my fingers it felt super greasy, but as soon as it was on my hair it felt like any other dry shampoo. It lasted really well and gave my hair so much body and definition which I loved! I like the fact it’s a paste so you can be a lot more precise unlike the usual spray dry shampoos that come out like talcum powder sometimes…although I think I’ll just stick to my usual Batiste. It was fun to try but I don’t think I’d make a huge effort to buy a full size version, purely because I’ve got products at home that do the job just fine for me.

5. Lumene Glow Boost Essence

Straight off the bat I liked the look of this because it involves a pipette which is so fun to use, so automatically it’s a yes from me. I do really like the product too. It’s meant to give your skin a bit of a glow/dew before you apply your foundation or even if you’re going makeup free, and it did just that. It’s just enough to eliminate the dryness and give your face a bit of a lift without looking like a greasy mess. I am enjoying using it but with the full size product being £29.90 I’m a bit hesitant. I can’t afford this champagne/glow boost essence lifestyle!

As always, Birchbox has done it for me again. I love, and I mean LOVE, trying new products and Birchbox always delivers. Quite literally because the box comes right to your door! The only thing I was a bit miffed about was the fact that other people got the Glam Glow mask which I reaaaaally wanted to try, but beggars can’t be choosers I guess. We can’t have everything!

Do you guys subscribe to Birchbox or similar? What did you get?

Get your Birchbox now!

Let me know! x


4 thoughts on “March Birchbox Review!

  1. That hair paste sounds interesting, but I kind of like my Batiste. I saw one of those radiance boosting serums on a YouTube video that is a dupe for the fasarli one for only £12.99, much kinder on your purse xx


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