TK Maxx Beauty Haul

If you live in the UK you’ll know that TK Maxx (TJ Maxx in America) is an absolute goldmine for amazing beauty goodies at a discounted price. They usually stock top brands such as Nip+Fab, Too Faced…even Estée Lauder and Kat Von D (I know right?!) if you look hard enough!

Yesterday I had a little trip along to my local store because I was feeling good and wanted to spend a bit of dolla. Keep reading to see what I bought!

Epsom salts

Right ok, I am starting this list on a slightly boring note HOWEVER these are so so good to add into your bath! I’m sure you would have heard about how beneficial bath salts are before and they’re all over Holland & Barrett at the minute. This kilo bag was only £3 which is an absolute bargain and made my skin feel so soft. I love any bath product so I couldn’t walk past these without a purchase. They also stock various other varieties but I chose Epsom as it’s supposed to be good for aching muscles (which I have constantly).

Organik Botanik face mask and micellar water

I was in need of a new micellar water so I grabbed this one straight away anyway. It’s by the cruelty free (yay!) brand Organik Botanik Australia which I can’t seem to find a website for ANYWHERE so they may be a discontinued brand? Anyway, matcha is supposed to be good for you in green tea form so I reckoned it would work the same via my face haha! I’ve tried it a couple of times and I really like it – it’s great in the morning to give my skin bit of a boost and wake up.

The face mask on the other hand was THE messiest product I’ve ever used in my life. You have to mix it into a paste with water yourself and I got my ratios all wrong on the first go which took me aaages to actually apply it the first place. It dries pretty quickly – for a mud mask it’s very cleansing and my skin definitely looked brighter afterwards. It didn’t change my skin texture straight away (like the Lush one) and neither plumped nor smoothed my skin which was disappointing. It did reduce the redness around my spots and evened out my skin tone which I liked, but I wasn’t completely blown away by it.

Fuzzy Duck Hand wash

Again, maybe another boring purchase, maybe not. I actually got this in the clearance section (yes TK Maxx actually have that!) for £2. £2 for a Bayliss & Harding hand wash?! Yes. And not only that…but it’s pink gin fizz. It smells amazing, is so moisturising, and the bottle is gorgeous. Need I say more? Nope.

Here’s the link for the amazon version:

Thank me later.

I hope you enjoyed my little haul. I looove TK Maxx so much – if you’d like me to write this type of post/haul again please let me know!

Lots of love x


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