What’s in my bag? Beauty Edition

I first bought this Michael Kors handbag when I went to Italy a couple of years ago, and it has been my go-to everyday bag ever since. It’s the most gorgeous midnight blue colour and literally holds everything I need on a day to day basis including all my favourite beauty goodies that I love reviewing and sharing with you all. Introducing…”What’s in my bag? Beauty Edition”!

Soap & Glory hand cream

I always, always have hand cream in my bag because I generally have dry skin and I can’t stand having dry knuckles! This cream smells gorgeous and is super moisturising meaning I only have to apply it a couple of times a day! Having hand cream is crucial if you have skin like mine and don’t you just love a “you’ve got soft hands!” compliment? No? Just me then…


If you haven’t heard of Carmex you live under a rock. It’s Vaseline’s top competitor but I have always preferred Carmex because of the squeezy tubes and cool flavours. Sometimes it tingles on your lips which can be a bit weird but to me, it just means it’s working harder. I always have Carmex with me because having dry cracked lips is just an absolute NO-NO. It’s also a really good lipstick base, as long as you apply it in good time before your lipstick.

Smith & Cult lip gloss in “Hi-Speed Sonnet”

If you saw my previous Birchbox review you’d see how much I LOVE this lip gloss. It’s not sticky and it feels like velvet on your lips…and it’s a really nice subtle pink colour that matches anything. I keep it in my bag in case I want to spice up my every day makeup a bit or if I’m sick of Carmex! Even though I occasionally begrudge applying this when it’s extra windy outside (girls with long hair will know) it looks too good not to.

Soap & Glory body spray

I keep a body spray in my bag because after a day out in the sun or running around after kids at work, I always get super conscious that I absolutely stink. Which is never really the case, but this spray helps me feel fresh anyway. I have mountains of Soap & Glory products from various Christmas presents and gift boxes but I genuinely really like the smell of these body sprays. I tend to use any scent (Original Pink at the minute), but whatever you do AVOID Fruitigo. It’s the worst smelling and I only use it as an air freshener in my bathroom. True story.


Why wouldn’t you have a mirror in your bag?! This is just a really boring one that I found but it does the trick and one side is more magnified than the other which is handy. As I work in a school and have to face a lot of parents, I always like to check my face before seeing them to make sure I’m looking my best and don’t have mascara all over me.  It’s also just a handy thing to have lurking at the bottom of your bag really. OK. Boring paragraph over.

Rimmel London Transparent Clarifying Powder

I bought this product on a whim when I was too poor to buy expensive loose powder (hello Laura Mercier) but wanted something similar. I’ve realised this is nothing like loose powder at all and is in fact pressed, duh, but it’s transparent and does the trick. It’s good at setting makeup and melting that excess foundation into my skin. It doesn’t seem to last all day so I like to keep it in my bag to get rid of any oiliness or to quickly conceal. I guess it’s just comforting to know that if you have any makeup disasters you’re sort of covered!

So there you go. All the beauty products that I keep in my bag on top of the usual phone/keys/purse/ID card/water bottle etc scenario. Told you this bag is magic and holds everything! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if there are any beauty products worth having that I’ve missed!

All the love xx


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