My Holiday Handbag!

Packing for a holiday is super stressful anyway, never mind a 2 week visit to France that includes a trip to Disneyland, a festival, a stay in a rural town AND a city break in Paris!

I took a huge case with basically every item in my wardrobe, but as me and fashion/style don’t get on, I thought I’d focus this post on the beauty products I packed in my handbag.

So first things first…..the bag. I got this beauty in the Kurt Geiger sale for only £40 (reduced from £100) and it is UNREAL. It’s so spacious it would give Mary Poppin’s bag a run for its money and I love how it’s a bit different and quirky. The sales assistant also told me it was the last one in the shop so obviously, I had to buy it too!

I also took my new Smashbox Cosmetics foundation and concealer that I fell in love with in the shop. I’ve posted the foundation all over my Instagram stories because I’m obsessed: it’s lightweight, oil-free, and stayed on despite me sweating my bum off in the 30° heat. The concealer is also one of the best I’ve ever used although it does oxidise quite badly so I’d recommend going 1-2 shades lighter than your usual to accommodate this!

Again, another product I’ve mentioned on my Instagram but for good reason! This Neutrogena Hydro Boost spray is sooo good, especially when it’s been hot as your skin can dry out quite quickly. You can apply it during the day as a quick hydration boost/to cool down (and Lord I did this a lot) or apply it post-shower. I like how it includes hyaluronic acid as this is a staple if you want more hydrated skin! It’s so quick and easy to use AND it’s endorsed by Em Sheldon (click for her Instagram and blog) so it must be good.

Continuing on the hydration front, these Simple Water Boost cleansing wipes were ideal for taking my makeup off and just giving my face a general clean. My face is super sensitive and these didn’t irritate it at all which is amazing! As we were in the car for a couple of long journeys they were really handy to have in my bag to freshen up a bit. If you use these just make sure you still do your usual skin routine as just using wipes can be really drying to your skin (I did mine when sat in the car on the ferry – so no excuses ha!).

The Tarte Marine Boosting Mist is also perfect for travelling. It smells gorgeous and is so refreshing. I’d say this product does to your face what the Neutrogena Hydro Boost does to your body – hydrates, freshens, and makes you feel goooood. It’s also great for setting makeup and I actually prefer it to the Urban Decay setting spray (controversial) – my only wish is that I bought a bigger size when I was in America (blog post about the trip here)!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery oil is obviously going to be on this list because it is AMAZING. I’ve talked about it before in this blog post, and I will probably talk about it till my dying day. I’ll let you read my previous post instead of boring you by repeating myself – but it is worth every penny!

And finally…this Model Co highlighter. I got it as a sample in a Birchbox and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s such a gorgeous colour and is the perfect shimmer when you have a tan. I used this with my fingers and applied it anywhere I wanted a bit of a glow – even my collarbones! On holiday I could literally wear this on a bare makeup free face and it wouldn’t look too intense or cakey. Thanks to Birchbox I’ll be buying the full size asap!

What do you think of these products? Are there any I totally missed out and are a must for hot weather? Let me know! A blog post about my holiday will be up next…so stay tuned if you’re nosey like me and love reading about other people’s adventures!

All my love x


2 thoughts on “My Holiday Handbag!

  1. I LOVE how this highlighter looks! This is actually such cute inspo for a trip. I’m going to Sydney for a few days and no clue which essentials to bring, this post is a good idea for me. Love this!


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