New tan, new blog post!

As you guys know, I LOVE a good tan. Hence my Ultimate Tanning Guide post, highlighting the best way to get a good (fake) tan. So it was only fair that the other day when I decided to purchase a new tan, I knew would make a blog post about it.  And you are in for such a treat because this is now my new favourite tan!

I decided to buy Instaglow after seeing it literally EVERYWHERE (you know the one) and I was interested to see how it would actually work. Damn, I wasn’t disappointed. You actually get so much product for the price – 125ml – and a little bit goes a long way. It glides on your skin, it has texture in between a gel and a cream, and leaves such an amazing glow that lasts for so long! As the name suggests, you do instantly glow. See the pic below for a before and after, taken only a couple of minutes after applying!

How amazing is that?! The thing I love about this product as well is that you can apply it with your hands and it won’t leave any staining….and no horrible tan smell. NONE. I was a bit sceptical about this factor and REALLY sniffed my arm (literally nostril to skin) and was so surprised. Obviously there is some kind of scent as you have just slathered yourself in a product, but its not horrible and is definitely not a tan biscuit smell. How is this product even real?!

I decided to go a step further and apply 2 coats on one of my legs, wait 5 mins, and take a pic. Literally no further words needed, just look at the results…

I can honestly say I’m blown away by this product. Not only for the amazing tan and glow you get, but also for the texture of the gel/cream, the ease, the no-streak-ness, and the fact there are no mitts needed. Is this my new favourite tan? Yes. Do you now need to go out and buy it? Yes.

Follow the link below to make a purchase!

What’s your favourite tan? Have you tried this before and loved it? Let me know!



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