M&S Beauty Event

If you follow me on my Instagram, you would have seen me getting VERY excited over the Marks & Spencer beauty event I was invited to on November 1st. I was absolutely buzzing as its the first event I’ve been invited to as a beauty blogger and I was so honoured to be amongst the people that were invited!

The event took place at M&S Metrocentre and as I arrived I was treated to prosecco, chocolate and some AMAZING cheesy nibbles (ha) that I really need to get my hands on for Christmas. It was nice to see that a lot of people came along to support the event and the lovely Emma who organised it all. Read on for some of my best bits (I took the pics on my phone so ignore the bad quality)!

First up, Pixi Beauty treated us to a demonstration. Terence (who works for Pixi) was SO knowledgeable about the products and literally made me want to buy the whole collection! He talked us through some of the main skincare products and then moved onto a lovely makeup tutorial.

The skincare brand Filorga also presented at the event and I’m ashamed to say I’ve literally never heard of them before. Now I’m obsessed! A few moisturisers and serums were passed around and you could feel the effects straight away which was amazing. The products really do speak for themselves and even though they are on the more high-end price ranges, I think you should always invest in your skin and start anti-ageing as soon as. These products have such a high quality of ingredients and I’m definitely going to save up for a serum or three!

And now onto the best bit…the M&S Advent Calendar reveal! Every single product from this calendar was passed around and we were allowed a little demo. All I can say is, you’d be a fool not to invest. I’m sure you’ve seen Martin Lewis going on about this deal and for good reason – the products all add up to around £250, and you can get them for £35 (if you spend £35 in store). Brands such as Pixi and Filorga are included, as well as Eyeko, Nuxe, and that thisworks Pillow Spray everyone is obsessed with. I was blown away by it and I’m sure you will be too!

As a thank you for supporting the event we all received an amazing goodie bag which contained a couple of samples from the calendar (clever!). Us bloggers also received a separate goodie bag with two Pixi Beauty mists inside, which I was so humbled to get. My first goodie bag as a beauty blogger! I’ve made it mum!! I also purchased Pixi Double Cleanse as I trust and love Caroline Hiron’s recommendations with my life, as well as the Pixi’s Liquid Fairy Lights eyeshadow glitter (which is UNREAL).

All in all it was an amazing event and I was so happy to be invited. It really made me feel part of the blogging community more and I can’t thank Emma enough for the invite. Here’s to more beauty event invites!


One thought on “M&S Beauty Event

  1. Absolutley love this Blog post Meg! You’re doing amazing.
    I am so happy you had the best time, we all really loved meeting you!
    Glad you liked our cheesy nibbles – they’re my favourite too!
    I will make sure to let the team see your blog post, we are so appreciative of your review!
    Filorga is such a skin saviour, really great that the event let you know about the brand.
    Hope you’ve been using all your goodies from the day, and are enjoying your new purchases

    Really looking forward to inviting you to more events in the future!
    Thank you again for coming,

    Emma Crawford
    Marks and Spencer


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