Hello 2019!

So here it is, another new year blog post for 2019. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of these already but hey, I enjoy reading them too.

In 2018 I achieved a lot of things. I got onto an amazing teaching course and travelled to 4 different countries. I celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, ran a half marathon (and survived), said goodbye to one of my best friends as she jetted off to live in Australia, and I LIVED. I had so many unbelievable experiences that I’m so grateful for, but I’m not done yet.

Although 2018 was great, I still have a little way to go in terms of this whole happiness and self-love thing. 2019 will be my year. I want to work on myself, keep healthy, exercise, and spend more time with me. I know that sounds ridiculous as I literally inhabit this body 24/7, but I mean I want to do more things for myself. Whether it’s having a bubble bath, sitting and reading my favourite book (currently “Calm the F*** Down by Sarah Knight), or keeping to some damn skincare routine.

I’ve noticed that even though 2018 was full of adventures, holidays and surprises, the inner me still wasn’t truly content – which seems so ridiculous writing down. I honestly believe this is the case because I have been so involved in what has been going on around me, I haven’t had time to stop and look after myself properly. And when I have stopped, I let everything get on top of me and have some sort of meltdown.

So that’s where 2019 is coming in kids. More time for me, doing what I want to do, and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. I don’t necessarily believe in full on resolutions, but I do agree with setting small, realistic goals throughout the year. I think this is the only real way I’ll see some sort of progress and stay on top of all the odd jobs and things I need to do. This also means my blog is going to have more content (even some teaching posts) and better engagement hopefully, so look forward to that! I would also love to use this year to learn French, do more creative things like drawing or painting, and to plan more weekend getaways.

Whatever you guys are planning on doing this year, I hope it’s fantastic.

You do you, and I’ll see you soon! x


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